A sweater for baby SK :)

I love babies.  And I love knitting.  Put the two together, and it’s just dreamy.  When my friend had her baby last month and it was a girl, I knew I had to knit her something dreamy and pink… but not TOO pink!  I have heard tell of the avalanche of pink things that baby girls get as gifts.  So I set about to create the sweetest little sweater… 


Get this girl some clothes!  (Heath is SUCH A BABY FREAK!)



I have quite the collection of baby knits books, so finding a quick-knit sweater that would work with yarn in my stash took a little bit.  I settled on the Mo-Mo Kimono in “Pipsqueak Knits” (such a great title!) by Jil Eaton.  Get a copy of it here.  I used two strands of sock yarn: a self-striping color, and a pink.  I wish I could tell you which yarns they are!  I think one of them was a cotton/soy blend.  Anyway, I test-knitted a sample to check for sizing, and when I figured out it would work, off I went.  Here’s the finished product: 



Yummmm.  Baby knits are the greatest because they are so fast!  It’s sad that they outgrow them so quick, but they can be passed down, or kept as keepsakes 🙂  And Shan, you do whatever you want with that sweater!  When I sent it to her, I knew it wouldn’t fit until the fall (which, with a June baby, that’s a good thing!)  However, we’re having the strangest cold snap up in our neck of the woods, and this morning I got the best pic ever: 



Oh, I just want to chew on those cheeks!  I can’t believe that it fits her already.  I am secretly hoping that this cold spell lasts a bit 🙂  maybe I’ll get a few more snaps of her!!!  


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